A collection of sound initiated by MTAA

To Be Listened To…

(AKA sound files that may be downloaded and experienced with the hope of some sort of resolution or at least a moment of clarity)


"To Be Listened To…" (2bl2 for short) was an open relay for sound art, audio blogs, mashups, re-mixes, dance mixes or any other sort of experimental audio.

Uploading files is no longer supported, but most files should be available for download.

Comprised of 10 thematic podcast feeds, anyone could post an audio file to one or more of the 8 open feeds. Each feed's name, along with the original 'seed' post is meant to set its tone. We encourage re-mixing of currently published audio (please notice the license terms associated with some audio files).

…tech info

How do I subscribe to a feed?
Note: feeds are no longer being updated but are provided to simplify downloading of audio tracks.

Each channel/feed has a little RSS icon ( ) that links to it's feed URL. To subscribe to a feed you need to copy the feed URL and then paste it into a software program that manages podcasts.

There are many software applications that allow you to subscribe to podcast feeds: Apple's iTunes (PC, Mac) is free and works well; there's also NetNewsWire (Mac), Juice (PC, Mac) and Bloglines (web-based). You can find more listed on Wikipedia. To subscribe to a 2bl2 feed, follow the instructions for your particular software.

If you're still confused, here's a good tutorial.


concept by MTAA
feed titles by M.River
design and programming by T.Whid (hacked together from Broadcast Machine)

photos credits:
M.River's Tintype photo blog
Flickr user Striatic
Flickr user Nothing
Flickr user robholland
Flickr user Randen Pederson

A 2005 -2006 net art commission of Rhizome.org