MTAA´S Super Slow 5K - ROMA (SS5K Roma)
A leisurely 5K (3.11 mile) group performance around the city of Rome

I´ve read on marathon training web sites that one can walk 5 kilometers (3.11 miles) at an "easy pace" in 62.5 minutes. I´d like to slow that down a tad. I´d like to slow it down with a group of like-minded noncompetitive ¨athletes.¨ I want to race with people who are ready to say, ¨I´ll finish this 5K when I darn well feel like it and only after we stop at an outdoor cafe and have another cappuccino and talk about Fellini´s "La Dolce Vita." That's the race I want to run."

Following the success of the Super Slow 5K at Brooklyn´s McCarren Park in September 07, MTAA brings the SS5K to Italy. The SS5K Roma is a one day race/group performance in the streets of Rome. Registration to the SS5K Roma is free and open to the public. It begins at 12PM in the Mattatoio in Testaccio and ends when it seems right or at 5PM, whichever comes first. Refreshments will be served, folding chairs and blankets will be utilized. The performance/race will be overly documented. "Celebrity" judges will be on hand to award trophies for "Best Dressed" as well as the coveted SS5K 07 "Mr. or Ms. Congeniality Roma."

The Super Slow 5K Roma takes place on Sunday December 2nd, 2007 at 12PM to 5PM (rain or shine) in the Mattatoio in Testaccio, Rome, Italy

MTAA´s SSK5 ROMA is part of Enzimi 07
With thanks to Christina Ray and the fine folks at Glowlab

Race Details - FAQ

Q. Will this cost money?
A. No. It´s free. You just need to sign up.

Q. How do I sign up?
A. Easy. Just email You can also sign up the day of the race at Mattatoio di Testaciio at Campo Boario at 12pm.

Q. Do I have to be on time?
A. It would be cool if we all started together at 12PM but due to the laid back approach to this race we understand that some, if not most of you, will be late. Just head to Mattatoio di Testaciio at Campo Boario and find a race official on or near the official SS5K Picnic Blanket and Lawn Chairs. Once you find us, just say "Hello" and sign in.

Q. How do you keep track of the race?
A. Each racer will be given a number/limited edition artwork to pin to his or her shirt. You know, like those number things you see in marathons.

Q. How far is 5K (3.11 miles)?
A. Not far. Yes, you can do it!

Q. Can I just run the 5K or do I have to go slow?
A. You can run, jog or walk. Take breaks if you want or run it full out. It´s up to you.

Q. Can I wander away from the group?
A. Yes, it sounds like a lot of stuff is going on this afternoon in Rome and we encourage you to see the city. Just make sure to keep your numbers on so that people know you are in the race.

Q. Do I need to finish?
A. No, but around 5PM we´re getting together in the Mattatoio in Testaccio for the big wrap up, award ceremony and group hug photo-op.

Q. Will you have snacks?
A. Yes. We like snacks.

Q. Will you have drinks? (wink wink)
A. We might. We need to keep you hydrated.

Q. Can I take a nap during the race?
A. Yes.

Q. So...basically this is some sort of group picnic/performance art/photo op/hang out with a 5K non-race on top.
A. That´s not a question but yes, you've summed it up nicely. We hope you will join us.